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About Travel Street Photography

My name is Óscar DL, I am a Barcelona-based world traveler and street photographer. Specialized in travel photography and street photography. Traveling and photography are my passion.

I love to travel to remote locations and shoot the essence of the place I am visiting. So most of the times I meet locals and interact with them because is one of the best ways to capture local life.

I like the challenge of capturing candid situations and emotions of people from different countries and cultures, in public places, in a unique moment in time.

Always looking for the human element in my pictures. For example, human faces, human expressions, human looks, or human smiles are my most appreciated and wanted snapshots.

Travel Street Photography is a website about street photography around the world which collects all my projects and pictures, and where I publish about world places, traditional cultures, local food and drinks, and useful travel and photography tips to save money and to make your trips easier and safer.

Travel Street Photography has no commercial camera affiliation but open to start collaborations with photographic brands, as well as photographic collectives, magazines and travel companies.

I started this project in 2013. During this time I have taken thousands of photos, explore hundreds of places, and visit 49 countries in 4 continents so far.

I look forward to you joining me in this journey.



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