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Smiling Rajasthani woman

travel street photography smiling rajasthani woman jaisalmer india people portrait
Smiling Rajasthani woman. Portrait of a smiling Indian woman with traditional Rajasthani sari dress and jewelry (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India).
Rajasthan state is well known for its amazing clothes, ornaments and jewelry. The traditional outfit is colourful and elaborate. Rajasthani clothes are embellished with mirror-work and embroidery. Semi-precious stone-studded trinkets are very popular.
Rakhdi, Borla, Maang tikka, Nath, Surliya, Kaanbali, Jhaale, Kanthi, Aad necklace, Bajubandh, Bangadi, Haathphool, Kardhani, Tagdi, Anklet, Kada, Kudan Bhutti, and Bichuwa are the names of some of the most popular Rajasthani ornaments which adorns all parts of women body, from head to feet.
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