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Sadhu with dreadlocks. A shadu with dreadlocks and long white beard smiles in the streets of Varanasi, also know as Benares (Uttar Pradesh, India).

A sadhu is a mendicant holy person who has renounced the worldly life, practices asceticism and follows a path of spiritual discipline.

They typically live a simple lifestyle, have very few or no possessions, survive by food and drinks from leftovers that they beg for or is donated by others. Sadhus often wear simple clothing, such a saffron-coloured clothing, have their body covered with ashes from the cremation ground, have populated beards and long hair dreadlocks called “jata” in Sanskrit.

A street portrait of Baba Somnath, one of the most photographed and most photogenic sadhus in Varanasi.

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